Cocktails in Smryna Vinings Atlanta


Cocktails & Drinks

Summer Lemonade vodka, strawberry, guava, lemonade 10
Georgia On My Mind richland rum, vanilla, coke syrup, cream 12
St Germaine Cocktail blueberry compote, elderflower liquer, club soda, cava 11
Tennessee Sour jack daniels single barrel, lemon, sugar, egg white, bitters 13
My Yellow Sunshine pineapple infused pisco, lemon, st germaine, sugar  10
Gin Daisy old fourth ward gin, housemade pomagranite grenadine, lime  10
Old Fashioned michter’s bourbon, sugar, old fashioned bitters, cherry bitters, orange 11
Stephanie’s Kiss pineapple-orange-jalepeno vodka, chambord, lime, gingerbeer  11
All About Hibiscus herradura reposoda, hisicus syrup, lime, dry curacoa, agave 12


Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo 6.50
Sweetwater 420, GA 6.50
Monday Night Friend Zone, American Pale Ale, GA 7
Sweetwater IPA GA 6.50


Anderson Valley, blood orange gose CA 7
Abita amber, LA 6
Mother Earth endless river kolsch, NC 6
Victory golden monkey ale, PA 9
Boulevard ulfiltered wheat, MO 6
Cigar City jai alai ipa, FL 8
Monday Night slapfight ipa, GA 7
Omission gluten-free ipa, OR 6
Wild Heaven white blackbird, saison GA 8
Bells kalamazoo stout, MI 8
Creature Comforts tropicalia ipa GA 8
Victory sour monkey, PA 9

Finishing Pours

LavAzza, espresso 3
LavAzza, double espresso 4.25
LavAzza, cappuccino 4
EOS tears of dew, moscato 8
Marchesi Di Gresy, moscato d’asti 26
Banfi, rosa regale, brachetto d’acqui 27
Adet vsop, cognac, FR 12
Hennessey vs cognac, FR 10
Hennessey xo, cognac, FR 16
Courvosier xo, cognac, FR 23
B&B amaro, FR 7
St. Elizabeth, allspice dram, AT 9
Cynar amaro, IT 8
Baileys irish cream, IE 7.5
Carpano antica formula, IT 9
Lazzaroni limoncello, IT 10
Grand Marnier FR 8.5
Patron, café xo, coffee liqueur, MX 9
Strega sambuca, sicilia, IT 7
Frangelico IT 7
Lazzaroni amaretto, IT 7
Quinta DO Portal 20 year tawny, PT 14
Quinta DO Portal lbv, PT 6
Cossart Gordon, madeira, PT 10


Elijah Craig 12yr bourbon, KY 9
Knob Creek bourbon, KY 10
Buffalo Trace bourbon, KY 9
Makers Mark bourbon, KY 9
Woodford Reserve bourbon, KY 9.5
Larceny bourbon, KY 8
Michter’s 10 yr bourbon, KY 31
Michter’s bourbon, KY 12
Bulliet bourbon, KY 8
Coopers’ Craft bourbon, KY 9
E.H. Taylor small batch bourbon, KY 15
Noah’s Mill bourbon, KY 14
Baker’s bourbon, KY 14
I.W. Harper bourbon, KY 9
Angel’s Envy bourbon, KY 10
Willet potstill bourbon, KY 11
Basil Hayden bourbon, KY 14
Wathen’s bourbon, KY 12
Jefferson’s Ocean bourbon, KY 22
Slaughterhouse american whiskey, CA 11
Jack Daniel’s single barrel, TN 13
Stranahan’s 100% barley, CO 15
Gentleman Jack TN 9


Michter’s  rye, KY 12
Bulliet rye,  IN 8
Lock, Stock, & Barrel 13 yr rye, PA 24
High West double rye, UT 10
High West a midwinter night’s dram, UT 22
Redemption high-rye, IN 9
Whistlepig 10 yr rye, VT 16
13th Colony rye, GA 10
Few rye, IL 15
Sazerac 6 yr rye, KY 10
Widow Jane american oak aged rye, NY 16


Jameson irish whisky, IE 9
Bushmills irish whisky, IE 9
Mitchell & Sons yellow spot, 12 yr irish whisky, IE 21
The Irishman irish whisky, IE 10


Chivas 12 year, blended 9
Dalwhinnie 15 year, highlands 9
Dewars 12 year, blended 10
Glennfiddich 12 year, speyside 9
Johnny Walker black, blended 9
Johnny Walker red, blended 8
Lagavulin 16 year,  islay 20
Laphroig 10 year, islay 10
Macallan 12 year, highlands 12
Oban 14 year, highlands, 12
The Singleton 12 years, speyside 10
Talisker 10 year, isle of skye, 11


 Our unique barrel program enthusiastically unites longtime friendships we have with individual distilleries and wineries in an effort to create something absolutely invigorating and familiar all at once. With each new barrel comes a new result presented in the spirit of legacy, innovation and service. Cheers!

Woodford SCK Select rounded spice, orange zest, honeyed apple & white chocolate  94 proof 12
Russell’s Reserve SCK Select spicy, creamy toffee, vanilla, fig, walnut & sweet corn  110 proof 12
Jack Daniel’s SCK Single Barrel approachable style with butterscotch, brown sugar, leather & pear custard  90.4 proof 12